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    A-WOL makes a cheap pose after hitting an inside the park home run.
    A-WOL poses for the camera after netting an inside the park home run in the 1st.
    Rick looks on at third after Scott hits a double.
    Rick playing the line with Tony on third.
    Dale on third after hitting his first triple of the game.
    The team gives Matt a hard time for catching a foul ball with his bar hands on the bench after missing a similar play the last half inning.
    Dean charges the mound and goes to first after drawing a walk from Rick.
    Dale on third, again, this time in the forth... and Rick is not in the photo.
    The team watches the action from the dugout in the 4th.
    Video clip of Dean fouling out in the fifth.
    Derek slaps the ball to left field...
    .. and earns a triple.
    "Smile, Derek!"
    A photo of the sky after the game. At top is a cloud strip formed from a passing plane. In the middle is the moon. At bottom is a developing storm cloud. (Can't tell too well in this photo.)

    All photos. (Right click to download all photos to disk.)