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    Season Retrospect
    The Avengers end their second season 4-9 with an 0-2 postseason record.

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    08/21/2005  5:00 PM ET

    The A's 2005 season nearly ended just as the season got under way. After departing from the team and leaving the remaining As team extremely shorthanded, the remaining As team members slowly regrouped and recovered from what would normally be a fatal blow. Given all the trouble that some former team members brought to the team, the fact that the core As team stuck together and played a complete season is in itself a significant victory.

    So, are you curious as to how the team managed to stay together? Well then, we invite you to explore our website!

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    A's UPDATES ::::::
    Summary of Top Player Stats for 2005
    The Corbett Report Makes It Way to the EU
    Avengers Win 3rd and 4th Game of the Season
    Photography Update
    The Dean out for Remainder of Season
    A-WOL Placed on DL - Return Questioned
    Poll Results Regarding Pitching Duel
    Scott Lord Out for the Season
    A-WOL Placed on DL
    As Win Second Game of the Season
    A's Win First Game of the Season

    STANDINGS ::::::
    W L PCT. GB
    4 9 .300 -
    0 12 .000 3.5
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