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    Rick on the mound.
    Dale in LF.
    Bud in LC.
    Rene in RC.
    Kim and Rene come in for the next batter.
    Jason gets the force out at third to end the 2nd inning.
    Bud Hall on third in the 3rd.
    Photo of Scott after hitting his HR in the 4rd.
    A-WOL at bat in the 4th.
    A-WOL gives a thumbs up after hitting a double.
    Bad shot of the last minute recruits.
    Shot of the charter players as Scott blinks his eye too fast.
    Scott goes to bat after Jason scores on a Walter single.
    Bad photo of Jackie, Rene and Elena.
    Rene at bat in the seventh.
    Good photo of Jackie and Elena.
    The ump ponders purchasing some offical A's merchandise off of the teams website.
    Action shot of Dale hitting a ball down the right field line.

    ... and the camera final succumbs to the humidity. Time for a new team camera: these photos came out aweful.

    All photos. (Right click to download all photos to disk.)