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    Date: 13:10 03/05/2004
    Author: IntelliBB Development
    Welcome to IntelliBB 2.4.1
    IntelliBB Development
    Welcome to IntelliBB 2.4.1. This version is a folluw-release to version 2.4.0, and builds upon the functionality and chnages made in the 2.4 series.

    This new release contains a number of new and improved features:

    - "Smilies": These can now be added to messages to make them more interesting

    - Lockable topics: Topics can be locked to prevent further messages being added

    - New interface: As you can see, IntelliBB has a whole new look! This new release is still compatible with 2.4+ skins.

    - Bug fixes: A number of bugs have now been fixed, to help make IntelliBB more reliable

    - Auto-Update: This release contains a new feature called Auto-Update. This feature allows you to update your board directly from the IntelliBB server. NB - This feature is still a beta-feature, and is not yet finished.

    Thanks for choosing IntelliBB! null