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    Date: 08:19 13/07/2005
    Author: Ron
    From the Dalton CRA Ump
    The Avengers FORFEITED this game, pursuant to Rule 4 which states: ൒ Players in the field - 4 must be women. If you
    do not have four women to start a game, you must forfeit. You can play the game but it counts as a loss."
    I notified the coach of the GD Team that your team had forfeited since you only had 2 women on the field.

    Delete this post
    First of all, I am not a pussy and reveal who I am when writing this.

    Second of all, we fucking won so get over it. You didnt even have enough players so you called up those assholes from Lucky 13.

    Thirdly, fuck you and if you got a problem come and see me. I am sure we can resolve it. I am tired of this bullshit over some fucking stupid softball game. You are all a bunch of winers and complainers. One more thing, go fuck yourselves and write on someone elses bulletin board. Your probably jealous because you dont have one. I will be in the parking lot at 4 at row 13 if you want to talk like men; I must act like a high school punk just like you.

    One more thing: Fuck you null Antonio

    Coach A-WOL
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    Forfeiture has to be declared before the game, not afterwards. Furthermore, the rules also hint that a compromise can be reached if a team does not have the required number of women players, which is what we did.

    Last season, we were declared the winner of one or two games even though we did not have 4 female players on the field.. Donít believe me? Check out the game summaries from the 2004 season. This was at the Softball Complex, where they follow stricter ASA rules.

    GD-Crew knew we were short on women and we stated that we would be playing with 2 women players at game time. The ump said it was OK and the skipper for GD-Crew did not object. And why didnít he object? Probably because he just wanted to go out, play some ball and have fun.

    Finally, who cares? The rules state that regular season stats are not kept and that the sole purpose of the league is to have fun. If you are concerned about regular season stats, go play at the softball complex next year. If you enjoy fist fights over calls, go play in the menís softball league in North Adams. Otherwise zip it, and play ball.

    Mr. Sarcastic
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    Despite the outstanding effort, the GD crew lost to..." the worst team ever", even with a star studded lineup featuring "The Dan". Maybe if they all wore baseball pants, dropped fly balls, took walks, picked on people that were NOT their own size, AND took walks in a COED game they could beat "the worst team ever".

    Bitching about getting spanked by "the worst team ever" is like whiping before you poop....just don’t make no damn sense!

    The Dan...you are hilarious! Next time why don’t you go and beat up Andy so we can all see how cool you are and laugh!!!