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    Date: 12:36 28/06/2005
    Author: the dan
    This is the worst team ever
    the dan
    Very sad to see the retirement of annette, she was one of the best talents on this team. Not quite sure those stats are what you would call "accurate." Lucky 13 strikes again. Hard to have a mutinty without ever having control. It was much more like a purging of excess dead weight; only more like a money laundering scam. Nice to see the trademark Athletics symbol being displayed on a public web site. Wonder if permission was obtained for that? I know, I’ll ask their media relations people. Shout outs to Slappy, steve with the granny, the recently married and the soon to be married. Everyones a sucker in life, deal with itnull

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    He thinks he’s slick (but really its just a BITCH MOVE), posting on our website, instead of saying something to us at the game (are ya scared of our guys, or was it because you weren’t sure we would understand ya through the braces?)...
    Hey Puta --keep your fat fucking mouth shut or I’ll shut it for ya!
    See ya in the playoffs trailer park...


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    Mr. Sarcastic
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    Wow, the Dan is a funny bastard. I love the strategic use of 5th grade bully tactics...that’s classy! I bet his team is awesome and on top of the league due to his incredible softball prowess. Money laundering...GOD YOU’RE KILLIN ME!!! LOL This guys is a genious! YOU ARE A FUNNY DUDE...keep it comin!