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    Date: 14:23 28/06/2005
    Author: the editor
    the editor

    Game 3: Mutiny Match
    Postgame Highlights

    "The umpire was overheard calling the A’s a bunch of assholes during the game. "

    Correction: This comment was directed toward Antonio not the team. (verified by umpire)

    "The umpire almost started a brawl between Tony of the A’s and several "Team 13" players after the umpire insulted players on the A’s bench for refusing to shake their hands. Given the disrespect that "Team 13" had shown to the A’s, the A’s had every right to return the favor"

    Correction: Where do we begin??? Sorry but I don’t have any more time to waste here. I will admit that this site is still as funny as ever.